Leaf Tea and Coffee



Loose Leaf Teas


Gillard’s of Bath

Gillard’s has an outstanding reputation for selecting

only the very best teas from all parts of the world.  


Tregothnan Estate

The first ever tea company to have created teas

homegrown on British soil.


Black Teas

More oxidized than green and white teas. Stronger in flavor.


English Breakfast Tea

A strong blend of Indian and Ceylon teas. £3.95


Tregothnan Afternoon Tea

A light and exotic blend of hand-plucked Tregothnan leaves and finest imported Darjeeling £4.25


Assam Blend

For full strength and flavour. £3.95


Three Gardens Ceylon Blend

High grown teas, strong but delicate. £3.95


Darjeeling Blend

Darjeeling and darker Indian teas for medium strength. £3.95


Earl Grey

blended China tea flavoured with the oil of Bergamot orange. £3.95


Guv’nors Tea

A 100 year old recipe. A blend of Darjeeling and Assam teas. £3.95


Jane Austen Blend

A blend of China teas for delicate slightly smoky taste. £3.95


Empress of Peking

Medium strength blend. An aroma of orange blossom and citrus fruits. £3.80


Decaffeinated Broken Orange Pekoe

A mild and aromatic tea from Ceylon. £3.95


Darjeeling First Flush

The most sought-after tea from the new shoots picked in spring. Light and delicate with a superb refined bouquet. £4.95


Nilgiri Broken Orange Pekoe – Dreamer’s Tea

A wonderful medium strength tea. £3.95


Tregothnan Great British Tea

The strongest of their brews, this blend is a hearty mix of Cornish tea leaves and the most premium Assam. £4.25


Assam - Crushed, Torn and Curled

A colourful tea with body and a bold flavour. £2.95



Smoky Black Teas


Russian Caravan

A China tea with a smooth lightly smoky, malty flavour. £3.95


Lapsang Souchong China

A smooth smoky flavour. £3.95


Green Teas

Made from the leaves from Camellia sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing.


Tregothnan Green Tea

Oxidisation is replaced by steaming so the fresh leaves retain their natural green colour £4.25


Gunpowder Green

A smoky pale flavour, strong yet inviting.

Leaf similar in appearance to old fashioned gunpowder. £3.95


Chun Mee (Young Hyson)

Meaning 'precious eyebrows' from the shape of its long pale leaves which produce a tasting delicate tea. £4.50


Japanese Sencha

Light, bright and refreshing. £3.95


Scented Teas and Tisanes


Jasmine Scented Orange Peko

Grown amongst the jasmine bushes. £3.95


Chai Spicy Black

With aniseeds, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, cloves, and chicory root. £3.95


Rose Pouchong

A China tea scented with rose petals. £3.95



Tea enhanced with chopped vanilla pod. £3.95



A relaxing, calming, caffeine free tea. £3.95



African Sundowner and naturally caffeine free. £3.95


Wonderful distinct aroma and caffeine free. £3.95


Super Fruit Tea

Bursting with cranberries and blueberries. £3.35


Lemon and Ginger Tea £3.35

A ginger kick with refreshing lemon



Filter Coffee with a top up £3.60

Espresso £2.40

Cappuccino, Latte or Mocha £3.75


Cafetieres of Exceptional Single Origin Coffees

Freshly hand-roasted by Dusty Ape in Wiltshire.

Individual Cafetieres for 1 £3.85


Costa Rican Hermosa Honey

With an intoxicating sweet cherry aroma, Hermosa Honey delivers a sweet cup with a bright acidity and an intense fruit character combined with subtle chocolate notes.


Ethiopia Sidama Heirloom

Microlot from the Kilemso Mokinisa Farmers Co-op. Heirloom varieties are nurtured by smaller farms and small-holdings which are prized for their excellent flavour characteristics, despite their low yield. Often these small plantations are passed down through family generations and are cross-pollinated in the wild. This coffee has a fairly wide variation in bean size and shape, leading to a wider flavour profile, not unlike that which you might expect in a blended coffee.

Papua New Guinea Kenta

An earthy, malt and berry fruit flavour leaving an almost boozy aftertaste. Experience strength without bitterness.


Colombia Exelso - Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated

A sweet tasting, medium bodied top-quality decaf from Colombia with plenty of flavour. Drink this safe in the knowledge that there are none of the chemical residues typically associated with solvent-based decaffeination techniques; better still the gentle Swiss Water technique leaves most of the taste behind!