Served from 12pm


Homemade Soup served with bread £7.50


Honey Roasted Wiltshire Ham, Free Range Eggs, and Chips £11.95


Classic Ploughman’s Lunch £12.15

Served with mature Wiltshire cheddar, Colston Basset

Stilton, or Wiltshire honey roast ham, crusty bread, apple, celery, grapes, harvest chutney, and pickles.


Hot Wiltshire Chicken and Smoked Wiltshire Bacon Caesar Salad £11.15

with fresh leaves, croutons and parmesan cheese


Portion of Chips (skin on fries) £4.50


Welsh Rarebit


A slice of granary toast layered with rarebit made using our authentic recipe. Served with a salad garnish, and spicy tomato and caramelised onion chutney.


Welsh Rarebit £9.95


Welsh Rarebit topped with Mushroom £10.80


Welsh Rarebit topped with Smoked Wiltshire Bacon

and Fried Egg £11.55


Welsh Rarebit topped with Mushroom, Tomato, and Onion



Oven Baked Jacket Potato


Served with a salad garnish. 1 filling £9.95, 2 fillings £10.75

Baked Beans


Garlic Mushrooms


Tuna Mayo


Cheddar Cheese


Prawn Mayo


Coronation Chicken



On a choice of white or granary bread from

Hobbs House Bakery - hand-made bread from the Cotswolds, served with a garnish and toasted if you wish.


Egg Mayonnaise with Salad Cress or Smoked Wiltshire Bacon £9.95

Tuna Mayonnaise and Red Onion £9.95

Brie with Smoked Wiltshire Bacon or Cranberry Sauce £9.95

Classic BLT £9.95

Fruity Coronation Wiltshire Chicken £9.95

Honey Roast Wiltshire Ham and Wiltshire Cheddar Cheese £9.95

with a spicy tomato and caramelised red onion chutney

Scottish Smoked Salmon and French Le Roule Cream Cheese £9.95

Bridge Club Sandwich £10.85

A BLT with an extra layer of chicken on

toasted white bread with chips

Vegetarian Club Sandwich £10.85

on toasted granary bread with grated carrot

and hummus with chips


Baguettes from Hobbs House Bakery, served with a garnish.

Smoked Wiltshire Bacon and Fried Mushroom £9.95


with fried onion and tomato relish £9.95


in a lemon and chilli mayo with rocket £9.95

Children’s Menu

Children’s Sandwich

Ham, cheese, egg mayo, bacon, chicken, tuna mayo  £6

Children’s Jacket Potato

Small jacket potato with baked beans, cheese,

baked beans and cheese, or tuna mayo £6



Served from 12 till close