~ What we do ~

The Bridge Tea Rooms offers the very best in traditional, quintessentially English afternoon teas, lunches and light meals throughout the day. The afternoon ritual of serving tea has been developed to a fine art here. A Hansel & Gretel-style exterior leads onto the cosiest of dining rooms, filled with homely trinkets, hefty wooden beams and the soft chink of fine bone china, the finest leaf teas, and friendly staff in Victorian uniform serving afternoon teas on cake stands, home-made cakes, cream teas and sandwiches.















~ Our history ~

Step inside The Bridge Tea Rooms and you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’ve passed straight through a time portal. Housed in a former blacksmith’s cottage dating from 1502 the tea room is decorated throughout as if it is unchanged since Victorian times. The place positively oozes atmosphere, and the classical music playing gently in the background sets a tranquil tone.

The building has a long history. Originally built as a single-story cottage, it had a second level added in 1675. It’s been a home and workshop of a tailor, and then a local blacksmith ran his business from the forge next door, and for some time, a sweet shop and antique shop. Converted to a tea rooms in 1989 Roy and Alison Hayward took over the business in 2006.








~ Are the tea room haunted? ~

With such an interesting past you would like to think so. And it seems it may be.

In China it’s referred to as ‘the ghost house’. A few years back a customer who was a medium said they, ‘could sense a presence’, albeit one with a happy feel to it.

Other customers have mentioned seeing a figure of a woman out of the corner of their eyes, dressed in crinoline and rushing around busily. A recent paranormal investigate reported some unexplained readings and a closeness in the environment during the visit, creating more questions than answers.